1970-1971 : reporter at the Radio station France-Culture for the programme "Panorama" of Jacques Floran.

1971 : Presented "Post-Scriptum", Literary show by Michel Polac

With Michel Tournier and Grosser. Also Michel Foucault and François Jacob.

1972 : Hired for the French Broadwasting Corporation's Research Division, founded and directed by Pierre Schaeffer

Pierre Schaeffer, "The Awakener".

Author and director of Evadés du Futur, ("Escapees from the Future") TV movie on science-fiction (2 x 52'), with Isaac Asimov, Norman Spinrad, Philip Dick, Ted Sturgeon, John Brunner, Robert Silverberg.

From left to right : Norman Spinrad, Ted Sturgeon, Isaac Asimov


1973 : Author and director of Alan Watts, a Buddhist philosopher for the TV programme "Un certain regard" ("A way to look at the world").

1974 : Author and Director of Vie et Mort d'un journal ("The death of Life Magazine"), for Channel 3 (production J-F Chauvel).

1975: Author and director of "Black Council" - Concile noir (26'), for Channel 3 (production J-F Chauvel).

1976 : Prepared a movie on the Soviet Mental Hospitals for dissidents (Channel 3, production Chauvel) and, at the same time, another one on the Baader Band in Germany (the Red Brigades), for Channel 2 (production Charles Baudinat).

Each of the two reports was interrupted "for reasons of the State". The first of them will be at the origin of a book, Droit d'asiles en Union Soviétique, ("The Right of Asylums in the Soviet Union"), Julliard, 1977, with a preface by Ionesco and a dustjacket by Tim.

Reports for the TV on Bill Bradley, the first black Mayor of Los Angeles,

and on Paolo Soleri, architect of an utopian city in Arizona :

Paolo Soleri

1977-1978 : Reports for Iranian TV.

1996-1997 : training courses to learn the use of different programs, in order to create CD/DVD-ROMs and Web sites, such as :Photoshop, Première, Director, Flash, SoundEdit, GoLive, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Word; notions de Flashet de lingo; HTML et XML

. As an exercise, did a Web site on Pierre Schaeffer :

1998-1999 : Worked with Claude Lepage the founder and director of the Laboratory of New Technologies at EPHE-Sorbonne, on the graphic design of EPHE's Web site.

Mrs Antébi has all the required experience for such a project, which would have needed the co-operation of quite a few people in any other circumstances.[…] She uses archives with a scholarly accuracy and an unbelievable talent : may I recall my reading of the book “L’Homme du Sérail” with much pleasure, interest and admiration. Her recent doctoral qualification in my severe Institute is another outstanding preparation for her project.

OCTOBER 1999 : Presented at Rocca di Pappa, near Rome, the CD-ROM on Jesuit Pedagogy in Europe to the principals of 300 European high schools, as well as to the representatives of the Educational Department of the Company of Jesus(Les jésuites transmettent leurs secrets aux laïcs/Roots for tomorrow/Jesuitas y laicos) :

"A fascinating version. I congratulate you on such a successful production", wrote the General Secretary of Jesuit Education in Rome, Father Gabriel Codina, s.j. "I must congratulate you on a very fine and imaginative piece of work with tremendous possibility for the future", wrote Rev. Alan Harrison, s.j., delegated for the Jesuit Education Office in London.

2001 :conception and technical realisation of a web site "The Uninterrupted Seminar" for Professor Gérard Nahon :

Conception and Direction of the CD-ROM Jewish Journeys in France. The finished CD is not yet available, due to a conflict with the producer.

Interviewed in the programme by Josy Eisenberg after the publication of L'homme du Sérail (NiL Editions, 1996).

2002 : Press review on-line for Keypress Agency.

Conference at the Faculty of Religious Sciences, at Saint-Joseph University, Beyrouth, invited by the Rector, Father Louis Boisset, s.j., on the theme : "How to use multimedia for a dialogue between Religions?". Project of a DVD-ROM on The Mediterranean Sea : Myth or Memory?

2003 : Project of a DVD-ROM on "The invisible Heritage"

With Josy Eisenberg.

Interviewed at the radio, on "Madame Claude" by Elsa Brunet (France-Culture, June 2003).


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